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Habilitation Information Vocation Education, Inc.
Unleashing Possibilities...for people with disabilities

What makes us Different

We Shake It Up
and are determined to ignite a positive social shift in how people with developmental disabilities are valued in our community 

We Connect
with the community and other services creating a network of individualized supports

We Understand
that our members and their families have hopes and dreams for the future

To empower individuals to lead fulfilling, self-determined lives by providing the needed supports to make informed choices, build relationships, experience respect, and make contributions as fully participating citizens.

A barrier-free community in which all individuals may live, work, and enjoy access to limitless opportunities as valued citizens.

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Laura Rigsby Orsland, Founder/CEO

The idea originated when Laura's son, Tay, was transitioning from middle to high school. With 20 years of advocacy under her belt, tons of research, and countless meetings and discussions with parents, professionals, and individuals with I/DD, the true concept of the HIVE was born. Laura feels fortunate to have found a rockstar Program Coordinator and a  top-notch board of directors whose dedication continues to drive the HIVE forward so that we are not just creating a service agency, we are igniting a movement.

Jessica Maynard Wilson, Program Coordinator

Jessica started her career with the US Army Child Development Services and has her Bachelor's from WKU in Interdisciplinary Studies in Education. She is currently working on her Master's in Health and Human Services while working as a Support Technician providing Community Living Supports through the Michelle P Waiver and private employment. She has years of classroom and instructional experience, is hard working, creative, and truly has a gift working with people with disabilities. In addition, Jessica grew up with a cousin on the autism spectrum, her mother is an Exceptional Education teacher, and after foster parenting for years, she and her husband, Steven, have adopted 3 beautiful children.

Board of Directors

Holly Talbert, Secretary

Assistant Vice-President Brand Strategy & Development at HCA Healthcare

Dr. Yvette Getch, Treasurer

Associate Professor Western Kentucky University, Student Coordinator,
WKU Learn & Earn

Michelle Antle

School Psychologist, Commonwealth of Ky and Field Trainer for Ky Autism Training Center