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Habilitation Information Vocation Education, Inc.
Unleashing Possibilities...for people with disabilities

Rebooting Adult Support Services

Mission: To empower individuals to lead fulfilling, self-determined lives by providing the needed supports to make informed choices, build relationships, experience respect, and make contributions as fully participating citizens.

Vision: A barrier-free community in which all individuals may live, work, and enjoy access to limitless opportunities as valued citizens.

We want to make sure every person begins life after high school with a personalized plan and the on-going connections, education, and resources needed to grow and thrive.
We work together with families, teachers, providers, and members of our community to help our members create a rich network of opportunities for people of all abilities
Everyone deserves opportunities to learn and grow. Our work ensures they do, which creates a positive impact on individuals and our community.  
  1. Our Values
    We operate within the belief that every person has: a purpose and has something to contribute; deserves to be valued and respected; the right to the opportunity to share spaces and activities with other people; the right to develop and grow in relationships with others; the right to make informed choices for themselves and options to choose from; the right to a fulfilling life. It's YOUR life. YOU get to design it. We are just here to help you do it.
  2. Our Goals
    Our goal for each member is to offer the opportunities, guidance, information, and support to uncover their potential for maximum independence. Our goal for our community is to create more opportunity for employment, volunteer work, and inclusion for people of all abilities. PHASE I We have big plans for our future, and we are ready to roll up our sleeves and build this HIVE from the ground up. We are stoked about where we are starting, and we want you to be involved in how we grow from here. The HIVE belongs to you - our members and their families. We need your support, we need your promotion to the community, we need your pair of hands, we need your ideas, and we need your feedback. We love to talk about our vision for the future. Call us and let us know how you want to be involved.
  3. Our Services
    -Assistance in community activity planning and scheduling (calendar of what the community offers each week- i.e. community ed classes, coffee hours, book clubs, festivals, sports, etc) -Information and resource connections, family support -Strengths and interest based career assessments -Application assistance -Classroom environment available for member's individual goals -Classes
  4. Our Classes
    -Independent living skills -Arts education (i.e. photography, acting, polymer clay, painting) -Music exploration -Nutrition/food preparation -Fitness education and activities -Personal hygiene -Budgeting and money management -Computer skills -Social skills -Intro to sports -Sensory diet -Adapted book club -Self advocacy
  5. Our When & Where
    WHEN: Summer Session 2018, TBA Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00 - 2:00 WHERE: Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #13 150 Corvette Dr. Bowling Green, KY 42101 Our classes will generally start at 10:00, but your time at the HIVE is always about YOU! You can jam with us in the class or work on your own with the classroom equipment, eat the lunch you brought or ordered whenever you're hungry. Just let us know when to expect you! HIVE time is YOUR time. It's as simple as that.
  6. Our Process
    DISCOVERY Schedule a time to chat with us. It all has to start with you; what you need, what you dig, etc. We'll ask some questions, determine some goals, plot world domination (just kidding...) -REGISTRATION Fill out the form and pay the deposit, then feel appropriately excited about what you just did. -DESIGN We will devise a master plan, decide whether you need your personal assistant to stay with you (CLS employee, an aide, one of your minions) or if you don't want someone over your shoulder the whole time and just need a little support in the classroom. -LAUNCH Show up the first day and so begins your own personal revolution! But it doesn't stop there. We will continuously rediscover, redesign, and rejoice in our awesomeness.


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