See the person. See the character. See the personality. See the strengths. 
People with the label of disability are whole, multidimensional human beings with talents, interests, achievements, and complex personalities just like non-disabled people. Join the HIVE in recognizing just that with our See Me campaign. When you click #SeeMe below, you will find our featured member of the month with pictures and a short bio written by the member or one of their loved ones. 

#SeeMe #twentytwenty

But we also need your support to continue the important work we do, that’s where #twentytwenty comes in. When you click "Donate" above, and give a gift of $20 through PayPal, all you do is check the box that says, “Make this a monthly payment?” Then automatically every month your recurring gift proves that you will not place limitations on them; that you know they are worthy of investment; that you see all people clearly, 20/20, for who they truly are. 
Then share this story with all your friends, tell them about #SeeMee #20/20, so everyone has the chance to be a part of this movement.

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We believe it's time to reboot  the system for adults  with
intellectual and developmental disabilities.
The revolution starts here.
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March 23, 2019
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Best Buddies pairs college students with people with disabilities to foster one-to-one relationships and hold events that promote social inclusion for all. Check out their website for more details!