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The Adventure Continues

"A Sparrow's Tale"

We will continue our discussion about the fantasy role-playing game that we are creating together called "A Sparrow's Tale."
This a regular monthly gathering.
Game Club is free, but participants must register. This club was developed with young adults with Mild Autism and Autistic Self-Advocates in mind.
Game Development provided by professional artist, April Martin.
Personal Assistants are encouraged to accompany participants to facilitate individual engagement if needed.

 10 AM-12 PM
1818 US 31W Bypass 
Bowling Green, KY 42101


Dates subject to change.
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Many young adults with Mild Autism Spectrum and Autistic Self-Advocates are faced with the challenge of finding friends they connect with in a setting that is conducive to developing those relationships. The HIVE and our mission, together with  April's brilliant creativity  , would like to make that a problem of the past. This group will begin with the intention of meeting on a monthly basis to develop our own game that will be played with increasing levels, but also focus on developing relationships, and social skills. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact Laura at the HIVE.