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Habilitation Information Vocation Education, Inc.
Unleashing Possibilities...for people with disabilities

What is the hive?

We're all about you!
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Cultivate Fulfilling Futures

Make Connections and Fill the Gaps

A Vibrant Community

We make sure every person begins life after high school with an exciting plan and the on-going connections, education, and resources needed to grow and thrive.
We work together with families, teachers, providers, and members of our community to create a rich network that is tailored to each person’s needs and goals. 
Everyone deserves the opportunity to meet their potential. Our work ensures they do, which creates a positive impact on individuals and our community.  
In a Nutshell
The HIVE is a progressive community service and center that focuses on supporting people with Developmental Disabilities and their families. We honor the Five Valued Experiences as described by John O'Brien : Growing in relationships, making contributions, sharing places, making choices, and experiencing respect. Every person should experience these things. We want to shake off old, antiquated, devaluing stigmas that have for too long been stuck to people who have a diagnosis. We want our community (our state, the WORLD!) to understand the plethora of gifts and strengths every person has to offer.
At the HIVE clubhouse you will find members buzzing in for activities or to learn new skills, buzzing out into the community for work or play or whatever they are into, and buzzing back in to learn some more. Time at the HIVE will be entirely on an individual basis. Some members may stay most of the day, others may just drop in to work on something and leave again because they are engaged in other activities and being productive elsewhere.
Your existing personal assistant (Consumer Directed Option or traditional employees hired through Medicaid waivers, Vocational Rehabilitation, teachers, aides, therapists, a sibling, a parent, *whoever) will bring the member to the HIVE in accordance with the member's wants, needs, and Personal Evolution Plan. Our trained staff is there to offer guidance to  personal assistants in helping our member achieve their goals and experience success. In the clubhouse we have what is needed to work on academics, independent living, social, and employment goals. The HIVE will plan recreational and educational activities on a regular basis. Members may choose to enjoy any activity or they can choose not to participate.
*background checks are required for anyone who accompanies a member at the HIVE
The Dreaded Cliff
Many parents feel like they are approaching the edge of a cliff the closer they get to their child's high school graduation.

The HIVE is dedicated to changing ALL of that. We will do everything we can to make transitions like this as smooth as possible. Ideally, our members connect with us well before the expected transition. This way, we can start gradually introducing our new member to the HIVE clubhouse and our staff. During this phase, not only does the member become familiar with our surroundings and 

our staff, but it allows our staff  to become familiar with the member. Through observing the member with familiar people as well as being part of his/her team of supports, we learn what motivates them, their likes and dislikes, strengths and challenges, and strategies that might be a best fit for the member, etc. We will collaborate with the team to develop the best strategy for approaching the transition and will work hand in hand with  our member and his/her family throughout this process and beyond. To learn more about how we can work for you, you can call or email us anytime. We love to talk about what we are doing!
Breaking the Barriers
Far too many people get fenced in by the barriers of precious few options;
In education, employment, relationships, you name it. We hear your hopes, we understand you have interests, and we will help build on your strengths. We are tired of all the road blocks! We want you to have the opportunity to sculpt your future, so we base your goal plan on  your individual strengths and interests. We will develop strategies for you to acheive those goals with the long-term goals in mind. For example, if the long-term goal is employment, we will build on your strengths and interests and also help you cultivate the skills you will need to help you find the ideal type of job for you. We won’t stop at the prepartation phase, we will work with you to help you make connections with potential employers and assist you in “landing” a job and provide supports to help you “keep” a job.